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1. Preconstruction Alignment

– Discuss your goals to understand what a successful project looks like for you
– Ask questions to align monetary, scope and schedule constraints
– Identify key players involved in your project and define clear lines of communication
– Present detailed scope of work proposal and cost breakdown that everyone is in agreement with.

2. Planning

-AM will assign the right size and experienced team dedicated to managing the glazing scope on your project.
-AM will submit timely, detailed shop drawings and submittals to meet all constructibility, schedule and cost constraints of your project.
-AM will attend all Pre-construction meetings and will be prepared to discuss current material status, job-site conditions and schedule for install

3. Execution

-AM Will assign a dedicated foreman to your project
-AM’s highly trained staff will make safety a top priority on your project minimizing costly downtime
-AM will submit weekly progress reports along with 2 week lookaheads
-AM’s hands-on project management team along with our experienced mechanics will constantly monitor quality of materials and workmanship.
-AM will perform a final walkthrough with you to ensure everything conforms to our contract documents

4. Support

-Timely submission of as-built, warranty and maintenance documents for architect and owner sign-off
-Minimum 12 month labor warranty on all projects, AM always stands behind its work
-Continued communication with a focus on building a long term relationship and performing future successful work together.

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