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AM Architectural Metal & Glass

AM Architectural Metal & Glass Inc. is a quality driven company with the ability to design, engineer, fabricate and install your custom glazing project. AM was founded in 2009, by experienced specialists within New York City’s AEC facade industry, in response to the challenges inherent in integrating these specialized services. AM’s global network of strategic partnerships provides value to our clients by leveraging world class glass suppliers, high tech manufactures and the most cutting edge engineering. This provides an unmatched ability to deliver on time and within budget.

AM Design Services

Forged from a common standard for excellence and in the pursuit of achieving a better architectural product, within a competitive budget, AM incorporates the total process; design, supply, fabrication and installation holistically in one company. Design is always limited by fabrication realities. AM has the knowledge, strategic partnerships and expertise to explore these limitations; providing clients with the convenience of a Design Studio located in New York City and a fabrication shop located in upstate New York.

Recent Projects

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