Tony Maunsell


After finishing a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tralee I.T, Co Kerry, Ireland, Tony Emigrated to New York to pursue The All American Dream. He quickly found himself leaning into the construction industry and started to gain some traction in his pursuit of that Dream. Early days consisted of tending to masonry Bricklayers and quickly worked his way up the ladder. With time spent in both the carpentry and the Iron working trades, Tony found his way into the glazing business and quickly grew from a helper to Mechanic, to Site super and onto project manager, Finally Leading the way to set up AM.

One of the first things Tony did was surround himself with some of the smartest people in the industry which allowed him and AM to quickly rise to the top.

Tony believes that being upfront and honest is the best policy for building long lasting relationships. It has been the bridge to success for him and his clients and with a hands-on approach he’s involved in the daily running of AM to make sure his clients get the attention they pay for.

With a proven portfolio of some of NYC’s renowned glazing projects,Tony’s experience has led the way to bring confidence to the planning and negotiation table while the execution of the final product is always on the radar.

With a priority of being a husband to Paula and raising their four sons in this ever changing world.Tony enjoys running,hiking and many other outdoor activities.