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Eckersley O’Callaghan (EOC) are international engineering consultants with offices in London, New York, Paris & Shanghai. They have a staff of 40 Structural Façade Engineers and Architects. EOC’s expertise lies in state of the art engineering, documentation and computer modeling. They are recognized in the industry as world leaders in structural glass design. This expertise has led to numerous awards, including the 2010 Queens Award for Innovation, a highly prestigious award recognizing their contribution to the development of glass technology in the built environment. EOC participated in the glass structure design for Apple Inc. retail stores, a emblem now globally recognized. Through this and similar challenging and innovative work EOC has pushed the boundaries of glass design and fabrication; opening up new possibilities and concepts. The success of these projects is as a result of many factors, including creative solutions and EOC’s focus on detail. AM’s relationship with EOC has been vital to their innovation and development. Design is always limited by fabrication realities. AM has the knowledge and expertise to explore these limitations and in collaboration with EOC extend these boundaries. Our commitment to innovation continues and there will undoubtedly be opportunities for our partnership to develop new glass technology with ambitious, elegant structures and facades.
Guangdong Avic Special Glass Technology Co. Ltd (Avic SGT) specializes in the fabrication of specialty architectural glass, safety and energy-saving glass. Avic SGT has two plant locations; Shenzhen and Daya Bay Guangdong, China totaling nearly one million square feet of space. Avic SGT recently introduced their latest low-e line from Germany and established a full supply system including single/double silver low-e IGU, temperable low-e, heat reflective glass, flat/bent tempered / HS glass, flat/bent laminated glass, flat/bent IGU, ceramic frit glass, bullet-resistant glass, fire-rated glass, laminated glass with LED/LCD film, 3D heat curved glass etc. These products adhere to Chinese, European and American standards and meet the stringent code and technical requirements from many different countries and regions.
Avic SGT was certified ISO 9001 Quality System in 1997; this supervises the whole process of glass supply including purchasing raw material, equipment, processing technique, packing, delivery and post-sale service. Following that, it passed the certification of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 system, 3C safety Certificate, SGCC (USA), CE (EU), UL (USA) etc. Avic SGT insists on research and innovation and acquired sufficient experience for new types of special glass. It establishes long term cooperation with PPG, AGC, Guardian etc. and has become the biggest exporter for high quality coated glass. 70% of the ready-made products of Avic SGT are sold to the countries and regions of North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, South East Asia, Middle East, Hong Kong and Macaoetc. Job references in overseas markets include DARWISH TOWER in Dubai, Hong Kong Science Park, Galaxy Casino in Macao, Paris Airport, Bangkok New Airport, Tokyo TMP, Innsbruck Metro-station in Austria, Melbourne Convention Center, and Toledo Art Museum in USA etc.
With years of continuous development and processing experience, Avic SGT has offered and will continue to offer glass products of high quality and complicated configuration.
Sanxin Facade Technology Group Ltd. is a Subsidiary of AVIC Sanxin Group and serves as a global curtain wall system supplier, based in Hong Kong China. Benefiting from their management resources in Hong Kong and the in-house fabrication source in Southern China, SFT provides high quality but cost effective production and service. SFT’s major business includes but is not limited to curtain wall systems, aluminum windows and doors, skylight systems and cladding systems. Furthermore they provide a full service package including custom design and engineering, testing, material procurement, fabrication drawings, in-house fabrication and overseas delivery. They are fully committed to leading their company with innovative and sustainable engineered solutions to meet architectural design challenges. Frugality, hard-work and reliability combined with their reputation for quality position them perfectly to provide exciting architectural solutions for curtain wall systems, storefronts, cladding and skylights for your building project.

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